An update from IGNiTE

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As we take a break to programme season two of IGNiTE we wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you who have attended a show, shared our programme, tweeted or just shown your support.
An update from IGNiTE

Jo Fong, Trinity Centre, November 2017

Thank you for doing such powerful and difficult stuff! Great to see Political Art and Social Change”. Audience Member Cathy, Cardboard Citizens

A HUGE shout-out to all the companies and artist who have been part of Season One.

To recap: Ultimate Dancer brought: Holy Smoke, a surreal exploration of shamanism that filled Fyfe Hall with, a lot of smoke, while Jo Fong’s An Invitation… , playfully and delightfully enticed audiences.

Warm, friendly, powerful and outstanding performance”. Audience Member An Invitation, Jo Fong

Peter McMaster explored masculinity and age with: 27, An Ecstatic Ritual of Life and Death. Cardboard Citizens brought debate and conversation with Cathy and we were immersed in a New York Club with Uchenna Dance’s: Our Mighty Groove.

Excellent. Really got the club vibe and the personalities of the dancers where excellent! Had a great time! Thank You”. Audience Member Our Mighty Groove

Programme Manager, Rhiannon Jones, and Producer, Fergus Evans, have been busy presenting Season Two to our programming forum, so eyes peeled everyone to early 2017 when we will launch this to the public.

Behind the scenes

Very useful workshop with Jo Fong. Always useful to be exposed to how others work.” Workshop participant

Our building is used by many different groups in many different ways (through the Trinity Community Initiative) and we are dedicated to improve how our communities participate and engage with performing arts.

Alongside our main IGNiTE programme Uchenna Dance delivered two open classes, including one to HYPE Dance, Trinity’s weekly street dance class for 5-25yr olds. Jo Fong worked with with Gerry’s Attic, a new resident older people’s Dance Company to deliver a workshop that explored participants relationship to dance.

Team IGNiTE are super excited to be continuing to connect artists and communities in the New Year.

Our work together comprised of sensory exercises, partner work and an exploration to our own relationships to dance … what I saw there was something like a real curiosity about sensation and presence, inhabited bodies, thinking bodies, a hyper awareness and yet a directness, an honesty of approach and a committed attention.”

Jo Fong reflects on working with Gerry’s Attic

2017 (and beyond)

We do tell subscribers of the IGNiTE mailing list FIRST about shows, tickets offers, workshops and opportunities. So if you are not subscribed, you definitely should be. Email us at and we can pop you on.

If you are on that list you will be the first to know about our first batch of resident artists, which we will be announcing soon who have been selected with help from our fabulous Programming Forum:

On board we have Tom Marshman (Independent Artist) , Kate Yedigaroff (MAYK), Dr Edson Burton, Natasha Benjamin (HYPE), Julie Thorneycroft (Gerry’s Attic) and Jasmine Haque (Awaz Utoah).

& for now, a very merry signing off from me (Sarah), Fergus, Edson and Rhiannon and the rest of the team.

See you in 2017.

OMG Open Class

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