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IGNiTE stewards

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IGNiTE stewards

Ella Memsa talks to an audience member after her performance of Ladylike

Audience members pose for a photo after Ucheanna Dance's The Head Wrap Dairies photo @ Jessica Bartolini

Want to be involved in IGNiTE, Trinity’s in house programme of world-class, innovative theatre and dance?

We're looking for people to help out with our Spring season of performances about the issues that matter to people now. We want to create a welcoming atmosphere during these events where we can start conversations and spark debate.

If you want to be a part of this programme, you could be involved in the following ways during October and November 2018:

  • Flyering about the shows in areas around Bristol (in particular in BS5 and BS2)

  • Supporting the staging and set up of shows (moving scenery or props before or during the performance)

  • Stewarding performances (working alongside our professional in-house staff, you will help to keep people safe and provide information to Trinity Centre visitors)

    You could do one, two or all three of these things as an Ignite Volunteer, depending on your availability and what is most interesting and appealing to you.

    Who are we looking for?

We are looking for friendly, reliable and attentive individuals who enjoy communicating with different people and ensuring a great experience for all involved. Whether you are on or off site, you must be alert to health and safety issues.

    What’s in it for me?

    Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and contacts, develop skills, get experience and increase self-confidence, plus you know your are helping to make Trinity the rich, vibrant place that it is. Rewards for regular stewards include guest list access to events of your choice at Trinity – subject to availability.

What will I be doing?

If you flyer for events, key tasks include:

  • Pick up flyers from the Trinity Centre, Trinity Rd, Bristol, BS2 0NW

  • Hand out flyers to individuals and businesses in areas agreed with Ignite team

  • Report back to Ignite team

If you support with staging and set up, key tasks include:

  • Work with Ignite team and Trinity Operations and Technical teams to set up staging according to a stage plan or layout (you will receive training for this)

  • Be aware of health and safety procedures for Electrical Safely and Lifting and Handling

  • Correctly and efficiently produce, handle, transport, use and store items

If you steward our shows, key tasks include:

  • Welcome audiences into the auditorium/performance space

  • Assist an evacuation in the event of an emergency (you will receive training for this)

  • Help us communicate information to audiences

We will provide in house training relevant to your tasks and you will be covered by Trinity’s insurance.

When are the shows?

Fri 22 Feb - Fat Blokes

10 Mar - Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer

16 Mar - Rent Party

23 Mar - Windows of Displacement


Who can apply?

We welcome applications from all backgrounds and aim to be as inclusive as possible, working to accommodate all access requirements.

Trinity is committed to making volunteering accessible to all, regardless of income. We reimburse up to £5 towards lunch expenses, travel or, other reasonable expenses.

How can I apply?

If you are interested in volunteering for for the IGNiTE theatre and dance programme, please fill in an volunteer registration form and send it to IGNiTE Assistant Producer Roseanna Dias on

If you have any questions about volunteering contact Roseanna via email (above) for more information.

IGNiTE is supported using public funding by Bristol City Council and by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

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