by emma last modified 11:06 12/10/2018

Code of Conduct

by emma last modified 11:06 12/10/2018
Code of Conduct

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, that's what it means at Tri-ni-ty!

Treat people with respect and dignity when at Trinity (photo from Trinity Garden Party 2018 @ Jessica Bartolini)

We request everyone acts within our code of conduct when on Trinity's premises.

This includes upholding Trinity’s ethos, values and policies - including equal opportunities - and treating everyone fairly, with respect and dignity.


  • mutual respect
  • equality of opportunity
  • inclusion
  • toleration
  • appreciation
  • positive communication

Types of behaviour not permitted on our premises include, but are not exclusive to: bullying; rudeness or disrespect towards staff, volunteers or other visitors; homophobia; intimidation or threatening behaviour; obscene language; racism; sexism or harassment; theft; violence and abuse (both physical and mental).

If you would like to give feedback regarding your experience at Trinity - good or bad - please get in touch.

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