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BCCE timeline

by emma last modified Apr 02, 2015 03:16 PM
BCCE timeline

Venue, Jan 1985, detailing receivers called in due to financially failing BCCE

1977-1984 - Roots, rock and rebellion

  • 30 March 1977, the building was appropriated for community use by Church Commissioners. Roy De Freitas led the plan to turn Trinity into a Caribbean community institute
  • 1 October 1981 - Two fires at opposite ends of the church caused localised damage to floors
  • 31 December 1981 - the building was sold to Bristol Caribbean Community Enterprise Ltd (BCCE) for £25,000, with a number of restrictive covenants, including stipulating its use for community purposes
  • Trinity became a predominant music venue for different genres popular at the time, from reggae through ska to punk.
  • 9 January 1984 - Church Commissioners reported that building works were carried out to construct a floor within the galleries that were not in accordance with restrictive covenants placed upon the building
  • April 1984 - BCCE went into liquidation

1985-1989 - Life after BCCE

  • 30 October 1985 estimating costs of £174k to repair leaking roofs, fire protection and a new intermediate floor to span the nave
  • 6 June 1985 - Midlands Bank subsequently sell the freehold to Bristol City Council for £40,000
  • September 1987 - Bristol City Council commission a comprehensive repair scheme and a new intermediate steel and concrete floor is installed
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