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The marriage of Joseph William Bond to Phyllis Ruby Clout - Photo courtesy of Dorothy Bond


16th February 1946 proved to be a very busy day at Holy Trinity as the Vicar, Reverend Frederick John Barff carried out five wedding ceremonies, the first of these being the marriage of Joseph William Bond to Phyllis Ruby Clout.

Joseph was a Devonian who, with the impending threat of war, had enlisted early in June 1939, serving as a Flight Sergeant in the Royal Air Force, seeing active service in Egypt and also in Italy where he was also involved helping the mass evacuation of local residents when Mount Vesuvius erupted in March 1944.
Phyllis, the daughter of Joel & Annie Clout of Winsford Street, St Philips, had met Joseph during the war in Plymouth.

Discharged from the Forces in June 1946 the couple initially lived in Bristol before moving to Portishead where they spent their married lives and raised a son and two daughters.


Sheila McKay, 1964, Gloria & Mervyn Evans, 1963

Owing to its physical attractiveness, Trinity was the most favoured church in which to be married in the nearby parishes - there were 47 weddings there in 1962 alone.

Migration from the New Commonwealth particularly influenced the area surrounding Holy Trinity, where a number of Caribbean weddings took place. Many migrants settled in the Ashley and Easton wards, where rents were cheap and where landlords cared more for the colour of money than skin.

On 20 March 1976, the last wedding at the Holy Trinity Church was carried out. The following month, the church was declared redundant.


Mike & Claire, 2009, Tom & Kate, 2012

Though no longer licensed for weddings, the Trinity Centre was used throughout 2000s by people from a range of faiths (or no faith) from across the city to celebrate marriage in.

In 2014, the Trinity was licensed for Civil Marriages and Civil Partnerships. Read more here.

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