Keisha Thompson's Man on the Moon (March 23)

"The Head Wrap Diaries an amazing piece ... it really embraces the struggle that the Afro Caribbean community is going through at the moment... so I think seeing this piece will be an eye opener to those that may not be aware or may not understand the struggle of this issue.”  Natasha Benjamin, member of the Programming Forum

Spring Season 2018

IGNiTE returns for another season this Spring and in the year of Vote100 we are bringing a programme of Theatre and Dance that celebrates how we can be the change that we want to see in the world. This season features a strong cast of female performers all of whom have big things to say about the world and how they experience it.

IGNiTE launches with Keisha Thompon's poetry, looped sounds, story-telling, Man on the Moon (March 23) explores the impact that mental health can have on the family dynamic, particularly within the context of the Black British experience.  Ella Mesma's Ladylike (March 24) follows and Uchenna Dance return with Head Wrap Diaries (April 17).

June 8 we've are teaming up with Beacons, Ikons & Dykons to bring you Kate O'Donnells You've Changed. Fourteen years since transitioning a lot has changed. However, where gender is concerned, are we still stuck in the dark ages? Through song, dance, hard-won wit and wisdom, Kate shines a light on the ins, outs, ups and downs of transitioning

Find out more about what's on here, or download the digi brochure here.

Get involved

Workshops - explore new ideas, encounter new experiences and learn skills from world class artists in one of our accessible workshops.

Talk backs – question, take part and debate in post-show talk backs after Man on the Moon, Ladylike and Head Wrap Diaries.

Residencies – support and creation space for artists or companies who work with communities. Find out how to apply for an IGNiTE residences here.

Community tickets – subsided tickets for communities who use Trinity regularly (If you are a community user and would like to benefit from this offer please email marketing officer sarahb@3ca.org.uk)

Volunteering - from stewarding to photography there are many ways to get involved in IGNiTE. Find out more about the opportunities on offer here.

Test audiences - help shape the work artists and companies create by signing up to be part of an IGNiTE test audience.

IGNiTE is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England




Youth Music students take part in a vocal looping workshop. Image credit Khali Photography


Throughout the year we offer residencies to artists and companies with strong links with Bristol and its communities and who put participation and engagement at the heart of their practice.

IGNiTE resident artists benefit from:

  • Free studio space in our iconic Fyfe Hall
  • An opportunity to share work to a mixed audience of programmers, other artists, and local people
  • Access to networks and programmers, including formal professional development opportunities advice and guidance as appropriate from key members of Trinity staff and partner organisations
  • Free hot desk and meeting space, subject to availability
  • A bursary to help cover expenses

Find out about previous IGNiTE residents here.

Our call for the next round of IGNiTE residencies is now live, click here to find out how to apply.


Our Programming Forum

Our Programming Forum is made up of artists, local residents and representatives from other arts and community organisations. Individuals who sit on our Forum bring different perspectives and share a strong connection to Trinity. They help to advise about our resident artists and show selections, in order to ensure that our programme represents our diverse communities.

Our Programme Forum consists of the following people and groups, with a few more names to add to the list soon:

In 2018 we are looking for new members to bring thier skills and experience to our Programming Forum. If you are an active member of the communites that surround Trinity (Old Market, Easton and Lawrence Hill) and would like to help us programme Theatre and Dance please get in touch.



Why we created our IGNiTE programme

"Thought provoking, Challenging and inspiring Theatre piece, the writing of poetry coupled with the performance and visuals make it a pleasure to see" Audience member I-Dentity

We believe that great art is achieved through working with the widest range of people possible, this is why we created our IGNiTE programme, bringing innovative artists to inner-city audiences. Whether its dance, theatre or spoken word, we're interested in work that asks big questions about who we are and how we live.

Shows are selected by our programming Forum to ensure our programme is relevant to people in and around Trinity. Through the programme, audiences get to explore and experience new ideas, encounter cross-cultural artists and take part in inspiring activities, including artist Q&As, workshops or within the performances themselves.

IGNiTE resident artists are supported with space to develop and showcase work as well as the chance to collaborate with communities who use Trinity to enhance their practice.

If you are an artist interested in your work being part of the IGNiTE programme, please contact Rhiannon our IGNiTE Programme Manager.


Project history.

In October 2016, Trinity launched the IGNiTE programme, to increase the diversity and representation of art, artists and audiences in line with our Programme Strategy.

"One of the most inspiring pieces I have ever seen" Audience member, Slap and Tickle

In 2016/2017, the IGNiTE programme engaged 840 audience members and 520 participants across workshops and forum theatre and involved 50 artists:

• 62% of our audiences come from the local area

• 19% of participants are BAME - higher than the average achieved by other non-London subsidised theatres

• 45% of ticket sales for our last season were concessions - almost half our audiences are student-aged, 65+, in receipt of benefits or on low incomes

• 3 out of 5 audience members are under the age of 35 - significantly younger than the national average age of theatre attenders

• 13% said their visit to Trinity was the only time they attended a theatre/dance event all year.

IGNiTE has been supported by Arts Council England using public funding by the National Lottery, Garfield Weston Foundation and Foyle Foundation.


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