Our Spring 2019 season of theatre and dance presents innovative artists who speak from the heart and ask: How do we strip away the layers of expectation placed on us by society to find the truest version of ourselves?

Fat Blokes, Scottee (22 Feb) + post show talk-back and workshop

Confessions of a Cockney Temple Dancer, Shane Shambhu (10 March) + workshop

Rent Party, Darren Pritchard Dance (16 March) + post show party

Windows of Displacement, Toussaint To Move (23 March) + post show talk-back and workshop

All IGNiTE tickets are £11 / £9 concs (including booking fee) and workshops are £5 (including booking fee).

Communities who use Trinity regularly could benefit from subsided tickets, please email our marketing officer on: sarahb@3ca.org.uk to find out more.

Get involved with IGNiTE

Volunteering - from stewarding to photography there are many ways to get involved in IGNiTE. Find out more about the opportunities on offer here.

Test audiences - help shape the work artists and companies create by signing up to be part of an IGNiTE test audience.

IGNiTE is supported using public funding by Bristol City Council and by the National Lottery through Arts Council England




Keisha Thompson interacts with audiences members after her show, Man on the Moon at Trinity @Jessica Bartolini

Our Programming Forum

Our Programming Forum is made up of artists, local residents and representatives from other arts and community organisations. Individuals who sit on our Forum bring different perspectives and share a strong connection to Trinity. They help to advise about our resident artists and show selections, in order to ensure that our programme represents our diverse communities.

Our Programme Forum consists of the following people and groups, with a few more names to add to the list soon:

In 2019 we are looking for new members to bring their skills and experience to our Programming Forum. If you are an active member of the communites that surround Trinity (Old Market, Easton and Lawrence Hill) and would like to help us programme Theatre and Dance please get in touch.


People take selfies of their head wraps with Uchenna Dance Company after their show, The Head Wrap Diaries

"...I’m a woman and a woman of colour, I loved the event as I knew it would empower me. I remember as a child and I would wrap my hair. It was excellent, and wonderful to be able to relate" Audience member The Head Wrap Diaries

Why we created our IGNiTE programme

We believe that great art is achieved through working with the widest range of people possible, this is why we created our IGNiTE programme, bringing innovative artists to inner-city audiences. Whether its dance, theatre or spoken word, we're interested in work that asks big questions about who we are and how we live. Shows are selected by our programming forum to ensure our programme is relevant to people in and around Trinity.

Through the programme, audiences get to explore and experience new ideas, encounter cross-cultural artists and take part in inspiring activities, including artist Q&As, workshops or within the performances themselves. IGNiTE resident artists are supported with space to develop and showcase work as well as the chance to collaborate with communities who use Trinity to enhance their practice. If you are an artist interested in your work being part of the IGNiTE programme, you can view our Programme Strategy here or please contact Rhiannon our IGNiTE Programme Manager for more info.


Dance artist Ella Mesma's questioned the notion of 'Ladylike' in her 2018 IGNiTE show

Project history.

In October 2016, Trinity launched the IGNiTE programme, to increase the diversity and representation of art, artists and audiences in line with our Programme Strategy.

"I loved the attention to detail. Everything had a reason. The ability to see each individual and the collective. I was leaning into the circle, felt very invited and challenged. Audience member, Ladylike

In 2016/2017, the IGNiTE programme engaged 840 audience members and 520 participants across workshops and forum theatre and involved 50 artists:

• 62% of our audiences come from the local area

• 19% of participants are BAME - higher than the average achieved by other non-London subsidised theatres

• 45% of ticket sales for our last season were concessions - almost half our audiences are student-aged, 65+, in receipt of benefits or on low incomes

• 3 out of 5 audience members are under the age of 35 - significantly younger than the national average age of theatre attenders

• 13% said their visit to Trinity was the only time they attended a theatre/dance event all year.

You can read our full Project Evaluation here.

IGNiTE has been supported by Arts Council England using public funding by the National Lottery, Garfield Weston Foundation and Foyle Foundation.


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