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Oct 28, 2019
Starts 07:30 PM to 11:00 PM


£15 adv + bf


14 + (under 16 must be accompanied by an adult)


0117 935 1200




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Royal Republic

rock band from Malmö, Sweden

"Dear all, due to scheduling problems surrounding the recording and release of our new album we are unfortunately forced to postpone the tour dates scheduled for January to March 2019. Scheduling the recording with the people we want, where we want and how we want proved more difficult than anyone anticipated. We obviously want to make the best record we can, for us and for you - this is something we simply cannot compromise on.Making an album is a process with a lot of moving parts, and sometimes making them all come together is a big job. We are happy to inform you that all those pieces are now together, and the recording of the album is well under way, but it will not be released in time for the dates scheduled. As these dates are planned to be the start of the “new album”-tour, we have no choice but to move them.We know that many of you were looking forward to these shows and that this is as big of a downer for many of you as it is for us. We miss you, we can’t wait to see you, and we will see you soon! This is not a cancellation, it’s an unfortunate but necessary postponement.

Tickets will remain valid for all shows, if you want or need to return your ticket please contact your place of purchase. You’ll find all the information and the new dates on our website

Thank you for your understanding and believe us when we say that it will be worth the wait. The reason we make albums in the first place is so that we can come out and see all of you on the road. The new album will be released in full in Spring 2019, and You will get a slice of awesome very, very soon.Thank you. Peace out. / Royal Republic"


To fully understand Royal Republic’s drive for rock ’n’ roll redemption, you have to go back a bit. Before forming late in 2007, all four members studied at Malmo’s prestigious Academy Of Music. As Adam points out, this has ensured that the communication between them “is like lightning”, but for all their musical sophistication, there’s another key reason why Royal Republic rule: each member is one-hundred-percent in touch with his inner Viking.  “My whole education at university was about holding back”, explains Per, who has a masters degree in classical percussion.  “It was always: ‘keep it down’; ‘cherish your sound’, but I just wanted to hit things harder and louder. When Royal Republic came along, it was a great release.”“And the same for me”, says Adam. “After years of having to be perfectly in-time and perfectly in-tune, being in this this band has helped me to drag out all the grit, all the real emotion.”One can certainly hear that on “Walk!”, another of Weekend Man’s plentiful stash of potential singles. Adam clearly relishes wrapping his tonsils around the song’s insistent command to, well, Walk!. With its ballsy, thrill-a-second riffing, you could say the song is a masterclass in simplicity. “We had to tread carefully so as not to stomp all over its initial genius”, says Hannes. “Is Walk! particularly smart? No. Is it freaking awesome? I’d say so!

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